Netherlands Vancouver


Netherlands in Vancouver represents the Kingdom of the Netherlands in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Yukon.


The economy and trade department provides information for Dutch citizens and enterprises on bilateral cooperation and business opportunities and details on different market sectors in Western Canada. The consular affairs department provides information on passports and nationality issues, visas.

The Economy and Trade Department

Doing business in Canada

The marketing department in Vancouver Dutch entrepreneurs can further assist you with interest in Western Canada.

The Netherlands: The Gateway to Europe

Trade, transportation and distribution play an important role in the Dutch economy in which exports account for ca. 60 % of GDP.

Dutch Canadian Trade and Investment Relations

The declarations aspire to intensify governmental consultations between the two countries and reinforce co-operation in the economic, commercial, cultural, scientific and educational fields.

Consular Affairs

Renewal of Dutch Driving Licence
Verification of Residence

Universities and institutions of higher education

University education in the Netherlands has a long history. The oldest university in the country, Leiden University, was founded in 1575. Currently, the Netherlands has fourteen universities, spread throughout country.
The Dutch universities differ in size and educational provision, but in other respects they are largely comparable: they are all of the same general level and have the same status.
In the Netherlands there is no question of some universities having a higher or lower status as in many other countries. All universities are considered to be capable of offering the same levels of education, research and scholarship, regardless of specialization, size or denominational status.